Monday, 19 March 2012 By Stoned out of my tiny gourd illegally
While many countries are being run like police states nowadays, there are a few countries where smoking marijuana is not a criminal offence. These tolerant countries include Iran, Cambodia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina, UK (as long as you possess no more than 3 grams), Czech Republic, Ecuador and Estonia.

Pot is kind of de-facto legal in Pakistan. In Peshawar and in the northern parts of Pakistan smoking hash is quite acceptable and is even sold openly in markets. One can be jailed for 6 months in other parts of Pakistan however small bribes can get you off.

The real winner, however, is Peru where it is totally legal to smoke pot unless you are holding other illegal drugs!

View the status of pot smoking country by country:


The Pot Light says go man!
(Image courtesy Pablo-flores)

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