Xmas Cheer as Satan Brings the Bacon home!

Created: Friday, 21 December 2007 Written by Submit_to_the_horn
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Our prayer this Xmas is that the horny one will blow a load over our small embittered lives.

Look what I got for Xmas!

I've had it with church. I've had it with morals.
I want something that makes me dick stand hard this Xmas. Satan has the gift.

The promises of the baby messiah are pure nonsense; better for me are the lies of Lucifer. Buy my soul Satan, I'll sell it for a whore or two. Anything better than this shithouse I am in now.

This is my dream. My living nightmare. That this one will fuck me.

On my Xmas tree I stuck a naked angel, a buxom cherub. My tree baubles reflect the holy trinity; cunt, crack and her anus.

What your rectum will look like once I’ve finished with you.

Hey Satan I'm on a winner now...

Time to bring home the Bacon brother, my head is on the floor and hell is fast by the door...