Created: Friday, 01 July 2005 Written by YUGO
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They lived in communes. They gave up all their personal possessions to live by a Rule that made them all equal as brothers, sharing all things equally. Some had more responsibility than others and there was a heirarchy of mystery or awareness and they believed in God but do they sound like commies or what?

They shared all their possessions and assets. Commies do that too (theoretically)! They were all brothers and the Rule applied equally to all no matter what their rank. Commies are supposed to be like that too (theoretically).  Their o­nly apparent goal was that of keeping the holy land accessible to Christians. Okay so they weren't any women. So what?  Apparently Jaques De Molay did admit that it was unofficially recommended to new recruits to engage in "brotherly love" when the "blood got heated" but he himself never engaged in such practices. Later he went back o­n this saying he was being tortured (or maybe just threatened with torture) at the time. Maybe they just didn't torture him they way he liked to be tortured. But have you seen those Russian communist women who work o­n the farm? Who can blame them? Anyway the Arabs might have taught them that practice along with all the other Greek knowledge they preserved. The Spartans were all as gay as could be. Look what 300 gay men did to the might of the Persian army. The Persian Immortals snuck around some Mountain passes and took them from behind! Just they way they liked it. And the Persians must have remembered that lesson ever since.

The Janissaries (who were originally captured Christians and were formed around the demise of the Templars) were forbidden to marry and became the elite forces of the Ottoman Empire but, 300 years later, they too were eliminated by the Sultan when they became too powerful and were getting into commerce.

So take away the Templar's gayness and their spirituality and what have you got? Communists I reckon and that's why Phillip "the Fair" got rid of them (he was a cruel man .... but fair). They were buying up all the land for themselves and farming it. Never mind the fact the Phillip's treasurer and the Templar's treasurer were o­ne and the same person and that he loaned Phillip a rather massive sum from the Temple's coffers without getting approval of the Grand Master! The French royals got theirs in the end though didn't they? Hey? Anyway I reckon they were God's own socialists and looked out for their own 100 percent. Phillip had to send sealed orders to all his sheriffs and constables with instruction to open the orders o­n a specific date so that all Templars could be arrested at the same time. That's how solid they were (except for the bloody treasurer looks like).

One of the higher mysteries of the Templars was how to cure knob ache. They decapitated their penis and put a small hollow straw in the end while it healed so they could urinate. Nobody complained of knob ache after that.

 Comrade Templars