10 questions from Xenox News series

Saturday, 27 November 2004 By Pervis
In a very early hard copy edition Xenox News published a series of questions and answers from one Jonathon Richman. Jonathon replied to the questionaire and his answers made inneresting reading in the print edition. I bid that Xenox News continues the series.

To encourage getting this up and running perhaps the news could put together a list of 'personalities' and a list of questions which cwould be sent to said 'personalities' or personal heroes.

The question list could be a generic list that are sent to all candidates or could perhaps include specific questions. The editor in his infinite wisdom could trim it all down before sending?

So iI propose that fellow readers and submitters add comments to this article for the editors perusal with either or both:

  • People you want the questions sent to.
  • Questions to ask
  • Suggestions for a better name for this series.

    P.S. Be sweet if the editor could post the Q&A's from the Jono session.
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