Of St.Petersburg and October 1917

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 By LordyLordyLordy

These days I've been drawn back to studying the October Revolution.

Utter failure or the mere beginning?



Look around and see what the bastards are doing today. Honduras  –  “the so-called "Model Cities" project, which establishes special zones in which the entire Honduran legal structure and constitution do not apply and where transnational corporations are free to invent their own societies from scratch.” http://www.thenation.com/article/170543/how-low-can-honduras-go#


They will call it a success and then apply it to you.


From that Red October there are definitely lessons to be learnt; and I believe the behaviour of Lenin offers the most important lesson.

When the time comes to strike; strike hard, strike fast, and make sure you chop the head off these snakes so they never come back.



Undoubtedly comrades it will be a long and hard road to hoe; but let us start now and they will get their just rewards.

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