Created: Friday, 25 April 2008 Written by Anzac Spirit
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In April 25 1915 some Aussie men jumped off a ship and invaded another country because some cigar chomping Lord in London with the world's smallest dick told them to. And for this Australians are now supposed to cry and howl about how this made their nation great.
Today you will have Australia's finest young 'minds' wrapping themselves in the National Rag on Suvla beach celebrating what? The fact that Australians got their arses kicked by a few thousand Muslim heathens? Yeh there is something peculiarly Australian about going to die for someone elses war in someone elses country. And losing.

In another small insignificant country on April 25 the people went onto the streets and overthrew a 40 year dictatorship. So like Australia, Portugal celebrates it's National Day on April 25. However it is hard to ever see a similar event happening in the land of the 'brave' digger.