Created: Wednesday, 19 July 2006 Written by Chato
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Why the "marketplace" must have it, and
why the Oz shitkickers will get a very
different type of "freedom".

How free is Howardland freedom?

Having reached the pinnacle of ignorance and
stupidity, the Oz dullards are awakening to
the bright new day of living in the southern
Howardland of "New Freedonia".

Howardland freedom is a little different
from other freedoms, as it must be forced
onto those who may not feel a need for it.
Of course, this is done with the very best
intentions. It is really about purity of
spirit and a desire for right thinking.

For instance, those who have a desire to
further the globalist plan for their nation
are showing the right type of spirit, and
those who have doubts about the plan and its
"market reforms" are probably bludgers, and
enemies of freedom and proper progress, and
must have freedom and proper progress forced
upon them - until they finally submit to the
glories of Howardland freedom.

Once there is no risk of any consumer/worker
failing to follow orders, or having impure
thoughts - freedom is then safe from unruly
urges and demands for liberty. Class envy
and Howard-hating are removed from the
hearts of all the Oz human resources.

Oz dullards can now be directed toward those
most healthy attitudes and entertainments
that will allow the nobility to smoothly
accumulate the best assets of the land
without any unpleasant moaning from the
dullards causing inefficient disruption to
God's holy order of things.

The dull, bovine sounds of the chewing of
Soylent Browns from the human resources as
they toil, will be heard for 25 hours a day,
8 days a week and for 400 days a year.