Created: Wednesday, 14 June 2006 Written by Chato
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Ten years of strong growth.

But growth of what? I suggest that what
has really been growing is fascism.

As well as being the much-preferred
political system of the restless
sociopath, fascism is a social cancer.
The last thing any intelligent being
would promote is the growth of a
cancerous tumour within their body or
within their society.

You could compare the evil Howardland
gangster regime to a malignant parasitic
cancer that never sleeps, as it grows in
its attempt to invade and control all
aspects of life and society, drawing
sustenance from its victim.

We all need the freedom to recognize
nazis, in the same way that we need to
recognize and name cancer.

The thing about cancer, is that it is
never satisfied. No matter how much
damage it has done, it will try to keep
growing until the organism it lives upon
loses all its energy, and dies.

Social cancer may pretend to be part of
society by attaching itself to popular
robopathic sports or by setting up
spectacles and stunts, but it remains
cancer - alien, pathological, and
grossly inimical to society.

Hence my unpleasant warning to all the
Oz "once were citizens":-

If this malignant regime is not soon
terminated and totally cut-out, its
final term will become a terminal
condition for this sick nation.