Created: Wednesday, 24 May 2006 Written by FrankBlues
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Criminals. Don't you hate them? Black, white, or abo, they are an evil in our grand society.
We need to get tough on crime!

Do you know there is something that if removed would reduce crime by 100%?

It has spawned an industry of fatcats and do-gooders. If we could eliminate it we would solve crime immediately.
It is Law.

That's right. That useless institution run by lawyers and politicians.

Well guess what? We don't need it! Get rid of it!

And if we have no law, you can't break the law.

And if you can't break the law there will be no crime.

And if there is no crime there will be no criminals.

I've fucking solved Western Civilisations greatest problem after 2 beers!

I know this picture has nothing to do with the article except to say that to root a terrorist’s niece shouldn’t be a crime…

Get rid of the Law and you also rid the world of it’s parasitic class: Lawyers and Politicians.

So fucking easy.

Thank you for your time.

Frank Blues