If you want to make a stand against it all.

Created: Thursday, 30 October 2003 Written by Lordy Lordy Lordy
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This world war demands immediate action. It's no war on terrorism. It's a war of opportunism led by the most corrupt government in the world: Bush's Fourth Reich!
It's a war on the poor.
It's a war on the disenfranchised.

Make a stand against these crony capitalists. Support the Iraqi freedom fighters!
Strike a blow against invasion forced privatization!
The IMF backed crony capitalist fantasy must be stopped at Baghdad and repulsed.

If you want to make a stand against it all.

This war against terrorism is a farce. It's a war for big business. For rampant capitalism at its worst.
"Lets invade Iraq and then privatize its oil industry - to us!"

They lit the fuse. Now lets blow it up in their fucking faces. They don't want freedom. They want more power. Democracy? What a fucking joke. Now is the time to strike back. They want World War 3? Lets fucking give it to them!

I'll drive a car bomb up Bush's arse and blow the cunt sky fucking high!

The arseholes in Washington know what's at stake. Do you?

It's world domination.

And look at the minions lining up to back them; Blair and that full time ass licker lil Johnny.
Well let's fight back now!
The Yanks are in Iraq and a stuck like a bunny in the headlights. Now is the time to hit these motherfuckers hard!
They want to rule the world? Well they gotta conquer it first; and, fuck it, let's be on the frontline for stopping that hick from Texas from spreading his form of crony capitalism over the world.
Join the Brigade of Freedom and head to Baghdad to kick Yank ass!

What have you got to lose?