My Ass Contacted Thus

Created: Thursday, 26 April 2001 Written by TEX LUMBAGO
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Our being being due to our will, unknowingst to thee, driving us to how it is, ipso factor it can be; obviously if so must interact within the framework of evolving factors such that all others are being utilised for the same ends. If so, must the others will, also unkowingst to them, must be included into the interactions such that parameters of existence will be such, often because of these interactions, will be that they are following, to a large extent, the same will that drives we, it must be that our circumstances are arrived at from all peoples will being the same as, and therefore must necessarily be so, mine.As this being an uneffable truth, it must be that by directing this will, my improproving force, my solid edifice of flesh and blood, especially thumping pumping blood; is the sole light, a torch shining us onto the forwardnesss that must be our only living possibility. My blood, my will, my world. And it is this blood magick which in reality is the sub-conscious will that is driving the world as is…obviously to benefit all peoplekind. I will embellish our universe with treats and tricks…baubles of asher…lengthening shadows of aisha…