Low-rent crisis strikes Oz landlords

Created: Friday, 09 May 2008 Written by Chato
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Tenants are uncomfortable with low rents and
call on the Government to boost mass "skilled"
third-world immigration to help the landlords,
banks, and developers.

This "low-rent crisis" is now so bad that many
commercial and residential tenants are refusing to
accept their pay-packets and are "volunteering"
their labour for free to any speculator and scam
merchant who wants it.

Well, there it is - prices and rents are not high
enough, and people have too much money. I suggest
that the GST be raised to 50% immediately and all
rents be doubled, while people are then forced to
"volunteer" their labour.

A few million "skilled" migrants fresh from
the rubbish tips, slums and jungles of the
highly-developed third-world might also help.