Created: Sunday, 26 February 2006 Written by Chato
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Trasherer Costello to "fine-tune"
the Oz tax system that helps
support the swindle that is a
collection of socially malignant
pyramid rackets.
I had to laugh upon hearing the
latest load of spin-doctored
twaddle about tax from the dimwit
mass media.
Smirking while he mock-seriously
suggested that the Oz tax system
was not perfect and could benefit
from some extra tiny "reforms",
the creepy Costello thereby implied
that the tax system was "almost"

It is already "almost" perfect for
the small percentage of those who
have either inherited or otherwise
came into monopolistic ownership of
the most valuable natural assets in
the nation.

For the toilers and others at the
bottom of the heap, their duty is
to supply all the revenue of the
nation and put the owners of the
wealth of the nation on a permanent
tax holiday while at the same time
helping to increase the value of
the asset base of these owners.

The losers in this deal are being
taxed while they labour to grease
the very pole they are encouraged
to climb to pie-in-the-sky Heaven.
Not that many have the wits or
interest to see what is happening
or calculate what will be the
apocalyptic end result.