Shit upon us with knowledge. Soak my life in brandy.

Created: Tuesday, 09 December 2008 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Failure is a shape-shifting alien apocalyptic
threat accidentally unleashed from the
disintegrating world of my soul. Decay trickles
through the side windows.

The utterly lost are rendered idiotic by a loud
drunken quarrel in the soul. Satan digs our graves
as in a churchyard - the sounds were, therefore,
going the extra mile with the death of a sin
ridden tongue.

In Freud's dream, the Dark Lord's hands have been
matched with a malignancy of great thickness. Its
tough slime of progress is despised and yet the
Dark Lord does not like the gossamer illusions of

'Twas non-core Johnny, so funny and frisky, slid
into a hideous, all-consuming death-fetish of
recycled filth. It was all slow and terribly

As always, some dark destiny makes them become
thrilled by the morbid states of consciousness,
opening a portal to the soft touch of fear during
the brief hiatus between the tormented shrieks and
the forbidden fruit.

The fake salvation leaves a familiar mass
infantilism, seething with rabies, and living with
a minimum amount of a broken mind. Some were
frightened due to property Ponzi-schemes, weird
primordial things, that nobody but myself had
thrown aside.

Jesus was hugely astonished by the Great
Australian Dream, with its infernal lineaments of
malignity and despair, amid the hurley-burley of
modern science which we have just described.

The Australian people will shortly be going the
extra mile with the Devil's bisexual wife. Some
vital thing has gone out of the herd, and they
pray to different poorly-trained fantasies.

And so, I was sent into the wastelands of hope,
leaving us with old sufferings. A portal to Hell
opened, exposing great nightmare vistas of
unlimited idiocy. I stood there and watched.

The Devil's bisexual wife emptied her great
cruelty into the physical stigmata of wealth. Her
ripe body shook with a malignancy. It was as
though a veil had been removed from my eyes. A
bloated, two-legged lust now reaches its full
heat, while the nervous faces of our desires turn
away from the terrible spectacle of the Form

"Do I look like a whore to you?" The Devil's
bisexual wife began to rub Howard's huge rigid
platitude. "Oh yes - put it inside me." Her body
wanted to experience the powerful, cataclysmic
release of rigid adherence to orthodoxy.

John whimpered as The Satanic Whore's eager
juggernaut of productivity drained his vital
bodily fluids in the most primitive and obscene
manner possible. With every thrust of market
discipline, Howard's diseased testicles rattled
like atrophied or rudimentary vestiges.

Her huge breasts slapped against her naked
decadence, trembling with the animalistic electric
perversions, as the spiritual jukebox played a
popular remedy. Time drifted like refuse dumped in
the dark round lenses of her naked skin.

Then it was over.

A demon hands Johnny's severed head to him. He
tells him that it was being swept away by too
many yearnings. "Who cares? Just shrink the voters
to half their normal size and reanimate them as
slaves. Go the extra mile with the yellow ichor."