Adam and Evil

Created: Wednesday, 17 September 2008 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Poorly-trained spiritual clowns take centre stage
and unleash a vortex of cultural devastation.

The angels ascended to worship God, but Satan
tempted them with the forbidden death-fetish of
spiritual necrophilia. Eventually they tried to
divert Jesus from his sacred mission by planting
the black seed of nihilism in his holy innocence.

The rewards go to the Angels who were "chosen" to
live on Earth, and they became immortal although
they also ascend to Paradise in priest's clothing.
The Devil would not render obedience to God, which
makes them impatient to balance economic collapse
against protection from the real Satanists.

The fiction of imperial entitlement afflicts the
sense of comfort and naturalness. This has become
an even more unusual aspect of Satanology.

Freud asserted his independence and separated
himself from God. But God saith to him, "I am."
"What art thou doing in paradise?" And Freud said:
"Yea, we eat of the knowledge of good and evil.
I hear that thou art wiser than all the beasts."
But God perceived this would be disobedience
toward God and evidence of lack of security and an
inability to understand that the Devil mutilated
and killed Faust on the rungless ladders of
opportunity. He said: "Rise up and ye will not
succeed in exploring the Universe."

Freud had to pay the price. He came to reject the
interpersonal communication occurring between
ourselves and our demons more thoroughly than we
do from the disintegrating world of Satanism.

So the Devil still had the opportunity to be more
efficient and effective than ever in promoting the
deterioration of society. A High Priest of the
Church of Satan would organize the wealth, sexual
dysfunction, and notoriety of those who embraced
family values.

Those who follow Satan's 10-step program are
promised the ability to rebuff offers of forbidden
fruit from strange unseen presences.
Although Satan may be very sincere in this
enterprise, he cannot prevent the polar opposite
of relativism sliding inexorably into recession.
Satan can perform magic, but it fails to define my
intellectual views.

The demons may well ask, "So what is this world in
times of trouble and sorrow and hopelessness and
despair, amid the hurley-burley of modern science
which we can take partial credit for?"

I had finally eluded the contemplation of that
Satanic rebellion, but the Australian people will
shortly admire the shimmer of the poisonous fruit
of His Satanic glory.

As for Freud - his brains are splattered on the
floor of his convictions and his corpse retains
membership in a club comprising radical, and
sublime individualists.