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Created: Friday, 27 April 2007 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Australia's loss and Italy's gain as
Australia loses 200kilos of ugly fat.

First interesting news from Howard's gang
of incompetent thugs for quite a while:
The vile Vanstone gets a plum Italian
posting to stop her loud mouth denouncing
her rotten little boss and killing any
chance of his mob slithering back in.

As for the rumour of competence that has
been circulating - just doing the dirty
work of the prime roach as a lying fat
bully don't cut the mustard.

If she spilt the beans on Johnny, I would
have some respect, but she didn't.

This could be just another one of hopeless
Howard's errors of judgement.

Let's see how the poor Italians take to
a fat, alcoholic, loud-mouthed bully,
too stupid and toxic to stay down-under.