The Bennelong Bomber

Created: Monday, 05 March 2007 Written by Chato
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When and where will this lunatic strike next?

In the wake of terrorist bomb threats against
peaceful, law-abiding citizens of Sydney's
northern suburbs, those who live south of the
Harbour Bridge are wondering if anyone is really
safe now.

It seems that the offender is a psychopath who
afflicted by delusions of adequacy, thinks that he
has "shaken hands with the Devil", and now has
superhuman powers.

The only clues so far, are strange tracks that
seem to have been left by a giant rodent, and
there may have been some scrawlings that seem to
spell out "I know where the WMD are!"

I say that we all have a "mutual obligation" to
help hunt down this rodent before he finds some
WMD and plants them around the city.

We cannot rest until this monster is flushed out
of his relaxed and comfortable spider hole.