Created: Saturday, 16 December 2006 Written by Chato
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If you are not a moron - watch out!
Your independence means that you may
be a source of dissent. Any dissent
will be forcibly medicated away in
the new coalition of the NWO, medical
mafias, drug companies and government.

The wave of depression caused by Howard's
extreme economic "reform" assault is being
used to advance NWO mind-control in Oz.

A collaboration between various globalist
gangsters has been cooking for years, and
if implemented gives government agencies
tremendous power to control attitudes and
to "medicate" away dissent or "differences"
that threaten the establishment rackets.

Of course, they always say: "We only want
to help you to adjust yourself to our perfect
society! Don't you want to fit in?"

Your compliance will be very convenient and
also very profitable to people you would not
normally meet outside of Hell!

Here is a list of agencies etc. so that
you can have some advance warning.

For a glimpse at the vast network already
in place, look at some of the mental health
partners in the WHO agenda:

* World Health Organization (WHO)
* Nations for Mental Health
* Dept. of Health and Human Services
* National Mental Health Services
- Knowledge Exchange Network(KEN)
* Healthy Cities
* Healthy Communities
* Healthy Families
* Healthy People
* Healthy Start

Sounds happy and bright, doesn't it?
Plenty of flowers, children in the park,
happy families etc. on all the printed
matter. The happy artwork is supplied
by the ever helpful drug companies.