Created: Monday, 24 July 2006 Written by Hard & Sore
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Behind the double back gates, painted pink. With a hot sun beating down. I stroll up in full control, money in pocket, but no wallet. Between the buildings; going in thru the back door.

The characteristic door chime ring heralded my arrival. She opened the door and beckoned me inside. Into the bare room. Price negotiated and then….

“You want me on top or on bottom?” she said…Wendy said.
I replied: “Baby get ready for love!”

This is what you want. This is what you get.

In a few minutes she peeled off the red dress and down on the pecker came the rubber.
“Oh indeed it is a beautiful thing…”

She sat on top of me, and I look to make eye contact. The gates to her palace swung open wide and in it went. Like almighty Grond I banged back and forth, and then that dribble of sweet, sweet, white jam.

Baby praise it a little bit more!

Then the damndest minutes go by, she jumps off and I’m already curled up inside.
Is this how it is deep down in the casket? Scratching the lid to get out but when you do all you want to do is slam it shut again.

The steelo of her pubes had rubbed me scrotum red raw. Now an early exit was all that was left for me.

Then quick, out the back door, hopefully no-one will see. Slink back home, shame mixed with freedom (she-dom?), there is nowhere else to go after all.