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Created: Friday, 03 February 2006 Written by Chato
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Sydney to be number-one Oz
third-world theme park? Sydney is leading Ostrichlia in
the desperate race to become a full
third-world diseased pest-hole and
low-wage ethnic amusement park.

If you survive a bashing at the
fists of violent 14 year old school
girls, or ethnic warfare between
suburbs, you may still have to face
being attacked by wildlife in your
own bed when you finally collapse
into it.

Not only is violent crime and the
cost of bare survival awful, but
dimwitted backpackers have imported
exotic, infective bed-bugs hidden
inside their rotten luggage.
These disease carrying bugs are
capable of converting a normal
fun-loving dullard into a giant,
festering ulcer after only one
night of bed-bug horror.

Yet, so proud of the infestation
are carefree Sydney morons, that
they have made John Howard the
major bed-bug by awarding him the
title of "Baron of the Bugs".
In a fit of lice-infested joy they
awarded the noble Oz title of "Lord
of the Lice" to Peter Costello.

No-one would accept the odious
titles of "Slime of the Slugs",
or "Prince of Piles", but Kim
Beazley has yet to be contacted.