Created: Friday, 27 January 2006 Written by Chato
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Electric fences replace razor
wire in the Howard-Halliburton
freedom camps.
"Humane is my middle name!"
bragged the plucky little parasite
John Worthless Filth. He was
commenting on the Halliburton
Freedom camps that have replaced
the option of bleeding to death
on razor wire with electrocution.

"Now the bludgers will have to
work for the wages and conditions
accepted by the flood of desperate
Pacific islanders and Asians that
we have been planning to milk dry,
and they cannot shirk National
Service by bleeding to death."
crowed the malignant little turd.

Kim Beachedwhalezly had little
to say:
"Labor has always been about a
fair day's return on the shares
of the struggling investors."