Strike at the heart of Putin's Fiefdom to stop his War on Freedom in the Ukraine

Tuesday, 14 June 2022 By Patriot

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Each day sees the embattled defenders of the freedom loving Ukraine being slaughtered, their cries for weapons and ammo unheeded by the jelly-kneed leaders of France and Germany. Is the only solution now to decapitate the Head of the Russian Snake?

Putin smiling


I say yes!

Much to the glee of Putin's online bots and traitors, it seems the defiant defence by the Ukrainian Armed Forces is starting to wane. Soon Putin's hordes could be taking Odessa and Ukraine's last link to Black Sea will be severed.


nightime jungle setting small

Nighttime Jungle Fighting around Izyum

How can we let those brave freedom fighters down? It is a disgrace to our dignity. Our pride. Even our to our Manhood.

The limp wristed and frankly traitorous leaders in Berlin and Paris are providing little support to the new Churchill of Kiev PM Zelenskyy. If they do nothing then it is up to the rest of the Civilised Western Nations to do something.

 putins shoe

And by doing something, I mean doing something.

Years ago the West was lead by a trio of leaders that stood tall in the face of evil; President Bush and PMs Blair and Howard. Back in the 2001 they stood up to evil and made the rest of the world quake in admiration and fear of their harsh but fair response to terrorism. Now we need the Bidens, the Macrons, the squeaky Albos, to respond again in kind.

lnp dutton dead eyes 07

Look at this ugly cunt. To think he will be the next Aussie PM. Fucking hell...

The Time to strike Putin is now. Track, locate, and dispatch. If we can do it to a lonely goat herder/Jihadist in the Baluchistan desert then surely pinpointing Putin should be a doddle.


And once Putin has been dealt with we can deal with the real menace.




Hong Kong keep of the grass small

God bless,





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