Their lazy Papist ways...

Thursday, 24 December 2015 By Journalist Archive

There is always some bogeyman we have to hate. Things don't change. Below is a good example. A letter written to the forerunner of, The Argus, from over a century ago. Nowadays you could just substitute Muslim for Catholic.



Dear Editor,


Ever lived next door to an Irishman?  I have.

They stink. Drink grog. Dangle rosaries around the necks of their multitude of children.

And lazy. So fucking lazy.

As for their bizarre church of madmen and saints, I say ban the building of any more. It only encourages them!

Send them all back. every last Paddy and Mary of the lot.

Then we can have peace and quiet. And the freedom to work as hard as we want, and be rewarded as much as we earned.


A. Shickelgruber,




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