Why we will win

Created: Friday, 26 December 2003 Written by Frank Blues
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Yeah I will. Fucking mother cunt eating 4 eyed cocksucker.
I will stand astride the Tigris and Volga and being alive and strong will slap it down hard. In my little bitty tank. I'm topped up with gas and I'm heading for the volga. edge of the world.
Slapping grease on the stick mein eyes have seen the glory of the cumming of the lord....
Lovely Xmas.
Tissling words. No words can be but my truth.

That man. That evil man. Stood up and said so many bad things. Pissing in the Danube his last humanity; had the unmitigated temerity to say:
"We can do better. Give us some room."
From the barracks of Breslau to the shitholes of Nauru!
Little four eyed fuckwits pounding us with fear.
Be a man. Dont have it. Dont care about it. Actually the ones without fear are precisely the guys they are trying to scare us about!
They keep calling me
Now I will strut the stage. Unknown leader. Ubermensch on the Seelow heights.
Only feeling is total despair. The third eye again dribbled out a lie. But at least I have my pride. Other than that totally shit scared. Drop it now.
So cool. I'm there. Happy and long lost I stepped up the ladder and looked around at my huddled masses; as the boss I know what they need.
Squeezed it out. Dead on the road to Baghdad; again.
your poor. your stoned. your a slave to an un-nameable half forgotten ambition
"desparate we gathered our streched forces, got on the roof and sent our RPGs down."
Help me I said....