Is there a Future Tense?

Friday, 19 November 2021

Dear Boxhead,

What do you see in the future Boxy?

What will you believe in the future Boxy?

How will I live in the future Boxy?

What is my future Boxy?

Do we have a future at all Boxy?

Yours pondering,

Little Charly


Dear Charles,
You are a polite fellow. I like that. Not like the rowdy uncouths I normally have to deal with here.
The future. The future. I am slipping into the future like a flying eagle. Once here, and now gone.
Don't worry, my Box is coming with me. As it will be for all of us.
Cardboard to protect me head. Flapping wet flaps for me eyes to see out of. And what sights have these cardboard goggles have seen!
crypto meme Mook style
 So Charlie there is no need to worry cause your future has been decided already. Going to hell in a handbag is what you be doing young man.
flash boxhead
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