#AskBoxhead God

Thursday, 23 October 2014

He is the Man with the Knowledge to set you Free!

Boxhead - A true blue Aussie Legend.

Today he is answering that essential question... Does God exist?

boxhead on the balcony 2


Dear Boxhead,

Pardon me but is God still dead?

If yes, has he been replaced by Goddess, or is Goddess also dead or is/was God sexless?

Lemuel Dionysius


Dear Lemuel,

In my box the universe, the eternity, the world, it is all my plaything. Haven’t needed a God since I put the cardboard on.

Free. As. A. Bird.

So whether God alive, dead, or indifferent, makes no difference to me. I got my Box, my freedom, and a stubby in me hand and there ain’t nothing more I need.





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