Tuesday, 05 November 2013

Our man Boxhead has been a busy boy lately. Here he is answering another XenoxNews.com readers question; this time about the new Australian PM Tony Abbott.




Dear Boxy,

 Intrigued as I am, not only by Boxhead's salty if somewhat glib vents of wisdom but also by the very existence of this singular oddity of a website called XenoxNews, I venture to contribute to this sublime and excessive irrelevance not to be frivolous but in the knowledge that the nations' Prime Minister's sister is sexually deviant and that his very own Church suggests that such inclinations may very well be genetic. Therefore, sir, I beg to suffer your indulgence: is Australia's current prime minister a closet homosexual?


Count Vronsky


abbott surly opus


Is new Aussie PM Abbott a closet donut maker?



Dear Count,


Ahhh mate I’m with you about this website. I stumbled into it by complete mistake; met the editor at a pissup in Darwin. Next thing you know he has got me fielding questions from the great unwashed of the internet! 



You know I just about blew me flippin’ box off after reading your question about that prick Abbott. I reckon you’re onto something with this. Look at those shifty beady eyes. How about only one woman in Cabinet? Likes to hang out with guys in dresses, like that Archbishop Pell.


And last of all; who is his greatest Politcal hero?

Bob ‘fuckmeupthearsewiththecrucifix’ Santamaria!


Mate; it’s a dead giveaway. This Abbott guy is as queer as the night is long. 

Thing is, he is such a cunt I reckon all the real poofs wouldn’t want to have a bar of him.






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