#ASKBOXHEAD Federal Election 2013

Friday, 14 June 2013

Dear Boxy,

Hey there poindextor in a box. As an objective observer with an obviously unique purview can you tell me why Australians cant tell shit from shinola when it comes to politics?


Sour Ron of More Door


Dear Sour Ron,

Your average Aussie is a straight up guy. Doesn’t want no fuss. Doesn’t want any hassle. Doesn’t want any brown skinned fella living next door to him.

Y’know; a dickhead.

So of course he would take a shine to that Abbott prick. And Abott has your average Aussie pinned pretty well; thick as two planks and willing take anything his rich betters can piss all over him.


What to do Ron?


Get ya mug in a box. You’ll see that it can change your perspective on life immediately.

Even when that cunt Abbott and his cohort of money grabbers and born again fuckwits are in power.




boxhead on the balcony 2

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