Saturday, 12 April 2003 By Correspondent
Updates from the Xenox News Desk:
The sky falls. Straight at you. Once the people finished dancing the tombs were shut and the houses all closed down.

With eyes closed I step forward feeling my way. Groping blindly I slipped and fell.

In a far desert land the blood is dripping down.

When we took the train to Mosul we gasped with wonder at the ruins of modern man.

She stood on the balcony and whispered "I have been brave tonight", and then threw her self off it.

At the protest he stood alone with the sign: "Fuck you all."

Our leader said "Never have I felt prouder of our men and women". I meanwhile stood in the backyard having a slash and let the piss roll along the dry dusty ground.

Help will arrive shortly; and for those who can't wait there is always death.
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