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Created: Thursday, 16 January 2003 Written by Correspondent
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There I was in the corn field.
Suddenly a bright light. Felt a bit Sweet'n'Sour!

The craft appeared cigar in shape.
As crystal balls exited I's a felt a great urge.
Naked alien wench beckoned.

I was in Ceduna, right after eclipse! Me penis stirred uneasily. Is it natural to feel attracted to multi-breasted Arcturan? Stiffened my resolve and called out to her.
"I am man from earth. Livin' for only little time. Can you spare me a while? Intergalactic lovin' sure seems fine to me."

She said (for I thought she was a she):
"Oh earth man. For light years you think I come? To receive your wayward seed into my still clothed lap? For my purposes I need to probe and be probed all night long. Can your tool be up to that task?"

Now I thought the chemist is a long way, and I had no money to purchase the stiffener anyway. So what I did was tie a bit of corn hair round the base of my now erect member:
"It shall hold firm for a while now dear!"

And what shall I say? An alien did receive my seed, and indeed, she squeezed me nuts dry.

Her orifice was clean and lubricated with a sickly smelling secretion. Tingled the old fella as he first entered. She gave a little thrill and wiggled about so!

"Oh earth man thank you. Your fluid shall propel me onwards! Think of me when you die for your seed will be spread round the universe"

Oh what a night. Ceduna 2003!