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What type of English Royal Family Do we Want?

Created: Thursday, 04 March 2021 Written by Royal Reporter

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Questions have been raised about the Germans in Buckingham Palace...

 Queen Mum on the Piss

Maybe it is time for a rebrand. Let's get them some new PR hacks, and get ourselves a brand fucking new Royal Family.


First, bring back the beards...

wiilliam beard 1212536c

They give a real Gravitas.

 williams great grandad


Now Queen Liz. She should get out and about a bit more. Opening doors and closing shows.

Make her a lipstick leso, the licks of which we have never seen before!

page three girl 16 20140424 1448958439

Show me Liz! Show me!

We could get some of the younger layabout Royals on a tour of the Colonies. It worked in the 50s, surely it will again. They can bring their special Hanoverian light to the darkness.


Maybe Prince Harry's missus could go and visit her relatives?



page three girl 96 20140424 1742888617

Members of the English Press being briefed by the Palace


And how about giving little Prince Georgie a makeover... Perhaps he could become a little Princess Georgina? What a wonderful woke message that would send out!

page three girl 130 20140424 1140588484

Artist rendition of Princess Georgina when she ascends the throne.




And if that doesn't work then get rid of the whole fucking lot of them.

fuck em 83 20140424 1917944003