Created: Thursday, 05 October 2006 Written by Chato
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Should our finest well-paid parasites
take a hint from the dead Irwin?

There is no surer way to become more
popular with Oz dullards, than to die!
All of your pathetic mistakes and past
evil are immediately forgiven, and everyone
who hated or ignored you previously can
find only nice things to say.

So John Howard, Peter Costello, Kim Beazley,
Amanda, Tony, Alan Jones, Prof. Saunders
and all the awful over-paid parasitic, rotten scum
that blights this once was a nation, here's your
chance to have nice things said about you. Get your
bloody flippers and start bothering some poor stingrays,
exit this mortal sphere and make yourself much more
popular with Chato at least.