Created: Thursday, 13 October 2005 Written by Chato
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Once again the Oz government
unleashes its fury upon an ill
Oz citizen. The Judas Homunculus-Leviathan
"DEATH-FETISH" government sools
its secret police, the reptilian
offshoot of MINILOVE - the odious
Central Data-Matching-and-Linking
otherwise known as CENTRELINK onto
a famous actress who dared to be
ill and who had dared to attempt
to live.

Oz citizens are now placed on
notice that any deviation from
the Homunculus "FEAR OF FREEDOM"
terror-regime will be sternly
and fully punished.

Citizens are strongly advised by
the Prime Malignancy to find
meaning and a useful fetish in
the Church of the Rubber Chook on
a Stick, and to follow the moral
example set by the Sacred Chook.
The Prime Malignancy said that
they should leave their lives in
his strong hands and trust him
and the Rubber Chook.

There is no higher duty than to
uphold the good of society this
way, said the demented non-core
little parasite as he made
magical gestures and grimaces
meant to convey his sincerity and
humility despite the obvious.

Who will be next?