Created: Sunday, 15 March 2009 Written by misha
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It was more like standing in a funnel of light than a tunnel, with me at the flared end, the distant dot of brightness too bright to look at directly.

Peripheral vision remained unimpaired for I could, without turning my head, see the shadowy sides of the funnel curved around and below me.

The tiny disk of light hovered straight ahead of me.

Calm, curious, I stretched out my arm, reaching without really moving.

I was unaware of walking; my legs remained still, yet the point of the funnel seemed a little nearer now.

Squinting my eyes against the glare I realised it was neither a disk nor the opening tip of a funnel but a small sphere about the size of a marble.

I leaned forward, reaching, spreading my fingers.

The marble was now the size of a tennis ball, shimmering like sunlight on water.

As I edged closer, moving without walking, the sphere doubled in size, and I could see the fluctuating movement of coruscating light deep within its bright depths.

The curved wall of shadow around me receded as the sphere came without reach, a blazing moon the size of a basketball, its stippled surface rippling in no apparent pattern.

I averted my eyes, the light too bright to confront, and grabbed it but my hand felt nothing.

I was inside the sphere.