Created: Monday, 15 May 2006 Written by FrankBlues
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Though you may not believe it, I am a psychic seer, a sorcerer’s apprentice.

I've indulged, that is true. But my senses are more elastic now; I have reached a new age of perception.

I'm backing a winner on this one...Come in Ahriman!

Here he is...

A handsome fella with a wistful look…

Some have said: The central event of earth-evolution was the Incarnation of Christ. Spiritual powers of opposition are active: Lucifer, Ahriman, Sorat. Ahriman is the inspirer of materialistic science and commercialism, and permeates modern culture with deadening forces.

Well I wouldn't be to concerned about that. In fact I'm sure you have nothing to fear. Our boy comes with solid backing from all religions. Even the Pope would give him the yeah-yo. Remember our world is contracted thus: we can reach strength through joy, hope through faith, good through evil.

I have studied his black arts.

I stood on the lip of that Persian cave and felt the wind blow through my legs, my knackers rattling like click-clacks as the ceremony reached its peak.

We were all calling for him.

And now he is ready to arrive. Are you ready?