Man Im sure you dreamed this...

Created: Monday, 27 September 2004 Written by Der Williekopf
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Think of me walking down Acland st.
No Jews. No, they is not allowed.
Tram ran by and I run upto it and said:
"Im rock'n'roll king" Nowadays snails crawl over me backyard when once there was dead cars.
Slippy slapping; I know that Ive had better life than you.
I mean, alls I gotta do is just think of what Ive done.
I knows you done nothing. Nothing of worth anyhow. Stuff I did, Im a 7th son of a 7th son!
Gooey eyed, sticky hands, soft velvet flesh and spiky girly pubes, Ive had them all. All round dis fuckin world. Staggered pissed in every major capital, puked on all the golden greens. Experimented with all sorts of things!
I'll disappear for a while but then Im back. Stood out in our desert and waved my toothpick at the stars and damned god to come and get me.
Guess what? That bearded prick shat his pants and stayed in heaven.

Now me head is embedded in the world politic. Im wired like us all, but I call the shots. Im the bossman. Bend over fellas here comes my payrise!

Meet me; Mr Blues!