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Do you know that a secretive clan of Satan worshipping demon-meisters has penetrated the top levels of our society? Xenox News lifts the lid on those in power who are:
Back in 1969 a glimpse of the power of the Secret Church of the Luciferic Spirit emerged. And it was one of their more devious congregation members who spilt the beans. He tried to start his own race-war and in doing so had all of California terrified. That man's name was Charles Manson. But before he had his girls slice up Sharon Tate and the rest it was reported that he and his clan of hippie misfits had been engaging in terrible sex magick (1). Indeed it was so frightful occult watchers said that the likes of it haven't been since 1919 when, in Munich, Adolf Hitler got his middle shakra opened up to Satan by that ecto-plasm spewing bitch Eva Keiler.

Manson's sexual orgies were of unbelievable depravity. Women with women, men with men, sister with brother, daughter with father!

Oh lord it was horrible!

And the point of these sinister fuck-fests that involved the cream of 60's high society? To inseminate these modern day whores of Babylon so that the children of Satan could arise!

That's right, hundreds of girls, from the finest of families, were fertilised in these bizarre satanic rituals. Once pregnant, these women were secreted in hidden nurseries. There the children would be raised and tutored by leaders of the Secret Church of the Luciferic Spirit. They would be trained to take their place as the heads of multi-national corporations, political parties, media conglomerates, and state run intelligence services.

Unfortunately for Manson and his followers they soon found they were playing out of their league. When he tried to usurp the path of the Satanic Church by beginning his own reign of fear and murder the Knights of Ahiriman, the enforcers of the Luciferic Church, acted swiftly and ensured that he and his sex-crazed bitches were quickly caught and placed safely behind bars.

But now a much greater evil plan would unfold!

During the 1980's the last of the god-fearing and righteous leaders did their best to hold back the satanic tide. But when the brave Maggie Thatcher was overthrown in a coup organized by a secret lodge of Conservative party adepts, the Secret Church of the Luciferic Spirit had finally gotten it's hands on the joystick of world domination.

And so under the watchful eyes of the senior members of the Luciferic Church the spawn of these god-awful orgies started to make their way into the seats of power. Some spread out into the wilderness of Central Asia, others started to develop the forms of International government such as the World Court. Others assumed their places in the boardrooms of the huge multi-national companies that dominate our world. They moved into Iraq and Afghanistan. Into South Africa and South America. These deviant dealers in woe and misery were taking control and are paying the piper!

And all the time they are worshipping Satan!

Now it is all too clear that they have a iron grip on the world's balls! Look at the so-called leaders of the world's nations. Obviously idiots like Bush and Howard are mere empty-headed minions of these devil-worshipping fools. But the glassy eyed stare of that duplicitous sod Tony Blair and the devious countenance of Vlad "The Impaler" Putin are clear demonstrations that they are true believers in the path of the cloven hoof. And, of course, the most evil one of all; Osama Bin Laden! They say Omar Shariff sired him in the womb of Manson's most murderous vixen Sadie Mae Glutz!

You would think that with this demonic threat the World's churches would be out there denouncing these sodomising demon worshippers? But we have a decrepit old fool hanging onto the kingdom of Rome, more intent on canonizing dim bulb nuns of India than trying to stop the secretive cult of Opus Dei tightening their grip on the Catholic Church!

Those people are known to have practiced human sacrifice!

Other Christian denominations are elevating pedophiles to Bishophood or running chat shows on TV! The chaos of the Muslim world offers no salvation to anyone; while, typically, lame-ass Buddhists are spinning their prayer wheels and allowing East Asian countries to be swallowed up by these Aleister Crowley loving bastards!

And as for the Jews, well we know what they are up to!

And now the world stands on precipice. Have these demon-adoring swingers finally gotten their way and taken us to the threshold of Armageddeon?

It is said that in ancient Babylon priests had telepathic powers that connected their minds with that of the evil spirits of the nether world. Spirits that were under the spell of that fallen angel Lucifer. Now the powers of the west find themselves controlling Babylon. Mere coincidence? Or a telling sign of the reckless plan of the followers of the Horny One?

I will bring your more on these disturbing times in future articles.

(1) Sex Magick Aleister Crowley. Publisher: Thule Abbey Press 1931.

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