GOD said it. I believe it. THAT settles it.

Created: Saturday, 06 May 2006 Written by Frank Blues
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I Have so many books at home about religion. Got me all confused.
They are all right.
And I am all wrong. When that bastard died and I was stuck out there in the desert I viewed him just as a slab of meat. And I was hungry. So I scoured the country for some vegetable accompaniments.
I wanted a healthy meal.

All I found were these buttons; peyote I believe.

I sliced off some meat from his thigh and put it into the pan. Ate those buttons raw.

Layed back and waited for the show.

The skies sprinkled light down and the cacti were covered in feathers; my friends I do believe it was a vision...

“I'm happy to be your messenger Lord,” I cried out, “tell me what it is you want me tell the others.”
And then I saw the chickens.

Their message was rather simple:

"We bring you the truth."

At the base of every religion is a fundamental lie, a glorious con; that this life, your life, matters...

An answer to the fear.

And then you grab your cock and run!

Far be it for me to support the use of drugs in spiritual development. Maybe not for the hoi polloi at least. But I always felt that I was divinely guided, a path to righteousness, and lots of people to follow me.

The night lead onto the dawn and when I staggered back into town I had plenty to say.