Need a name for your new band?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010 By Free to all

It is always a struggle to come up with the killer name for your band.

Here are a few suggestions.... 


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Lost in love

Fame is fleeting


Vacant Lot

I am right

Demand is failing

Demand is falling

Forgotten and/or lost

Trance I Am

Felt Good

Scratchy Skin

Vaugley Viewing Vanessa

Watch it rise


Gutted Wire


Just is

Boiled Cabbage


Help me Lord

Koran Red Rong


Plinthed Again

Plinth Cock

Do you have a home?

Visiting Montezuma

Will like a Stone

No hope No prayer

General Franco's Fuck Buddy

Been to Medina

Spent Stimulus Spend on Smack

Hatred Bean

Ugly Jesus

Ugly Jesus and the Nightmares

Ugly Jesus and the Clitoris Bangers

Ugly Jesus and his Mother

Ugly Jesus and the Pussy Lickers

Ugly Jesus and the Gay Parade

Demand a Recount

Squeezing the Dew Out

Fare will be Forfeited

Ashtray Navel






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