Perverted Poetry for Poseurs

Created: Wednesday, 20 June 2007 Written by Herr Fudgeknuckle
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I sit in the corner;
and scratch me nuts.
pull at my pecker
and dream of leaving,
Of finally leaving this room...


I dream of the girl next door,

The mum down the road,
granny at the milk bar.

Oh Lord!

Why won't you let my dreams come true?

The towel on my lap is
sticky and a mess;
My keyboard has lapsed into

Oh Lord!

Everyone else is getting what I can't get.

The pipe is full and crackling
The smoke fills me lungs
And straight to me head it goes.

I have my freedom
But I don't have much time.

Oh Lord!

If I can't get a root
Surely it can't be my fault this time.

Herr Fuckhead
Lost-in-a-wilderness-of-pain, 2007.