Created: Sunday, 15 June 2003 Written by Lordy Lordy Lordy
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And his teeth were long and thin.
Eyes glazed.
Stood at top of the class and declaimed all.

Now if you are a man, and being so makes me believe. Standing up tall for what is right don't mean shit. You cunt. A baleful look out your rectum perhaps will be understand.

"They stood o­n the burning deck with knackers full of crackers; and o­ne's daughter said 'lo and behold the Lord has started a fire'"

Your knackers are tight spirals of sperm encased in an impenatrable barrier of collagen and matrix. With the DNA growing within.
Tickle your self. Raise the staff.
Head off down the road with the wind between your tail and your hands sticky.

Keep hippie dead as before we were when they should have been.