Greenspan agrees with Australian Minister...

Created: Tuesday, 18 September 2007 Written by Ron
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In news just in, ex- US Federal Reserve boss Alan Greenspan has released his memoirs.... .......and stated that the Iraq invasion is largely about oil...unintentionally echoing the comments of Australian Defence Minister, Brendan Nelson.
Nelson was on record last month saying that securing oil was a big reason why Aussie troops were in Iraq (not rhubarb).

Of course dumb aussies are not going to take the comments of an intellect such as Greenspan or a highly distinguished doctor like Nelson as anything to consider. They'd rather listen to a small time lawyer like John Howard and a man who thinks he flew to Australia for a meeting with oil producing nations.
And the same dumb attitude is evident now that JH has gained 4 points on Rudd in the latest poll. How can he gain these 4 points esp when the polling took place at the time of APEC??? So what they are saying is treat us like shit and we will like you even more. I cant see any other way of interpreting it.