John's story

Thursday, 30 August 2007 By Chato
All you need to know.

Although John was a GST master, he did not want
any disciples, and instead, he would trot along
the streets looking for kindergartens and
touching displays of innocent trust to be caught
by eager cameras.

Now John was not stupid, although he was none too
bright either, but John had somehow gotten many
low and middle paid workers to swallow
socio-economic rat-bait and the irrational
theology of winner-take-all.

It has been absolute carnage, and the bill will
soon arrive in the mail.

Despite the horror of it all, years of climbing up
ruined staircases and broken ladders of futility
in search of the fabled rewards of the enterprise
culture have not wearied John's faithful.

Clearly, it was not intended that the tiny frontal
lobes of blind, voiceless, mindless worms would
interfere with John's reforms.

All of John's true believers subscribe to his
gangster regime, and many embrace the holy ritual
of increasing credit-card debt, reduced housing
availability, and the sale of public assets.

Of course, we must feed the land-price pyramid
racket. So, up they go - high-rise buildings
divided into chook-boxes for hundreds of poor,
narcoleptic and robopathic Aussie night-slaves.

Yes, most Aussies are doomed. Having fallen below
the intellectual event horizons of their own dull
pointless lives, they have not impressed anyone by
submitting to the enterprise culture where greed
has overtaken common sense.

We hear them pray: "O, great winged messenger of
our despair, we await some great future prosperity
that will spray from John's very over-stretched
Neo-Liberal colon."
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