Andrews attempts to take "scumbag" crown from Howard.

Created: Tuesday, 31 July 2007 Written by Ron
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This is the last post on this subject from me. When Kevin Andrews canceled Dr. Haneef's visa, one of the requirements was that he should leave the country that night with much haste and not spend any more time here as was necessary.
So the good doctor leaves that night as required but when Kevin Andrews was interviewed again after he flew out, he said that because Dr. Haneef left so soon, in so much of a hurry, he (Andrews) thought that Haneefs actions added more evidence to back his suggestion that Dr Haneef was suspect in character and was either a terrorist or involved in terrorism and fleeing the scene which got too hot for him to handle.

Far out. I mean, what sort of a c

t would you have to be to order someone to leave straight away and then when he does, tell the media that it was evidence to back his claim of being a suspect person? Defies belief really.

I reckon he was having a tilt at Johnny's crown of "number one scumbag and totally insensitive c