Created: Sunday, 06 March 2005 Written by XenoxNews Press
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A senior Syrian diplomat has told XenoxNews that his country will re-deploy their troops from Lebanon soon but only when they feel it is right, and not on any timetable from Washington.

"Maybe we will leave Lebanon when the Yanks withdraw their troops from Iraq and the Israeli's give us back the Golan Heights",
said the high-ranking offical to ace XenoxNews reporter Tom Titmouse in Damascus,
"In the words of Max Gross, Presidunce Bush has shown himself to be a total hypocrite with his demands on our country. At least we were invited into Lebanon by their own government." He went on to tell Titmouse that if he hears a bad word about Syria from that 70 year old pipsqueak Australian leader Howard he will cut off Australia's lucrative live sheep export trade with his country.

"I hear your country needs all the exports it can get, so I hope he uses his better judgement about this matter."