Created: Tuesday, 01 March 2005 Written by Patriot
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The writing is on the wall for the terrorist dictators of the Middle East as another tyrant falls to people power, this time in The Lebanon.
Prime Minister Omar Karami, a Syrian backed puppet leader, resigned as thousands of people protested against his rule and Syrian involvement in their country. Of course this is especially galling to the latte sipping lefties of the west who support terrorist regimes like Syria and Iran when they oppose the march of democracy in Iraq.

Well the people of the Middle East have spoken and they want freedom!

And it is only by the actions of that trinity of true heroes Bush, Blair and Howard that they finally get a chance to taste it. For it is obvious to all but the most blinkered that the recent election in Iraq has fired up the oppressed peoples in the region and there is no stopping them now!

To the dictators of Damascus and the Mad Mullahs of Tehran the news is clear: Stop terrorising your own citizens and the rest of the world and let your people vote!

God Bless,