Created: Saturday, 12 August 2006 Written by Chato
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The neofascist Howardland regime
has gone too far this time.
Wake up you stupid Oz cunts!

While motorists spend increasing amounts of their
IR-reformed earnings on GST burdened petrol, their
own Government has been selling LPG and LNG to
their buddies in totalitarian nations at give-away
prices. Motorists should be made aware that all
talk about ethanol-spiked petrol is a scam.
Petrol with added ethanol will give LESS energy per
dollar, not more!

On the other hand the large reserves of natural gas
(methane) could be cheaply converted to methanol
(instead of being given away) a good fuel that could
be very cheap in Oz - much cheaper per Kilometre than
petrol is.

All talk of ethanol blends, biofuels, hydrogen cars,
and hybrid cars is just deliberate messing with your
minds and your money.

Wake up! Oz natural assets belong to all of us, and
we must not keep selling our energy resources to
fascist countries much cheaper than what the Oz
people pay for their energy!

Howard is just laughing at our pain.