It's Official. The end of the world starts now.

Created: Thursday, 17 May 2007 Written by A voice of Reason

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How do I know?

Well I woke up at 4am for my normal constitutional. I stared out the window. The sky was a crimson red and the fissures between the clouds pulsated.

Beneath me the earth groaned. Dry and cracked it shuddered as its last moisture evaporated on this unusually hot May night.

Of course it has all been so gradual that it hasn't been noticeable. Water levels dropping, the unchanging dry days, the noise of cicadas in May, insect infestations of suburban homes.

Oblivious to the real environment we ignore the signs.

But it has now reached the point, the tipping point, where the start of the end can be called. Soon our major cities will run out of fresh water. New infectious diseases will arise as the animals that normally prevented their growth are forced out of the ecosystem by the rise of the insect nations which have taken over their food resources.

Expect to see unexplained outbreaks of food poisonings, crop failure, and chronic respiratory infestations.

Mark my words, the major impact of the current climate shift on humans will not be due to sea level rising or violent weather events. It will be due to a fundamental re-organisation of our local eco-systems. The rise of previously unheard of infectious organisms will happen.

And we will be powerless to stop it.

A visitor from the past arrives in our future.

We may get some short term fixes, but in the end the adaptability of these life forms will override our ability to fight them.

Of course it is all part of our Master's great plan. So have no fear, his will will be done.

Oh Great Cthulu please strip the flesh from the bones of the non-believer. Pluck their eyes from their living heads and remove their tongues so their blasphemy will no longer be heard.

Oh Great Cthulu the Unmerciful, do what thou wilt shall as it is the Law we must all obey...

Look; the march of mankind ends.