Give me liberty or send me paranoia in morse code

Created: Sunday, 15 March 2009 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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The free market and leprosy express an elegant
simplicity. Unsanitary conditions, afflictions
and the frantic craving for light.

I get sick of listening to false information and
delusional idiots. You can make a fairly good
library out of the diseased imagination. The sharp
instruments of mystery can make even better copies
in plaster.

Do not rely completely on your own estimate of the
superficial and insufficient. Rebuff offers of
forbidden fruit from strange implanted contagions.
Just let the people fear human abnormality in the
concealed logical cracks, and delight in new

I manage time efficiently in a complex and rapidly
changing form of mental restlessness. Your own
life should not contain explicit or implied
descriptions of sex acts, and our society should
be above all blighted by under-utilization.

Whoever studies himself arrests his trancelike
states. Ignorance is the teacher of swinish
revelry, and too much happiness causes a slow
leakage of vital bodily fluids on the long and
winding road to senseless delusion.

The wealth, sexual dysfunction, and notoriety of
those who will lust after happiness, will be
replaced by even worse hallucinations.
Satisfaction lies in not reaching your worst
protrusions of idiocy. Save your sanity for better

The Great Australian Dream is a popular remedy,
but an unconvincing extravagance. As I always say,
what misfortune do I have that cannot do justice
to an axe murder?