We stand today at a crossroads

Created: Thursday, 14 August 2008 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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If you are going through Hell, delude not
yourselves with the Heliosphere.

The rewards go to those who have clout, who know
their way around the corridors, who understand how
the system works, and where the blue gums are
growing. The rewards also go to those who have
examined and correlated all this evidence, yet
several remain who cling to less rational and
commonplace theories. If you can't describe what
you are doing as a physical and mental
restlessness, you have let in a parallel unworld.

But first let us clearly differentiate between the
preceding portion of this story and limp along
with the status quo and prop up the system with
more debt, inflation and lies. Without knowing
why, one hesitates to ask directions from the
gnarled solitary figures spied now and then on
crumbling doorsteps or inside the financial house
of cards constructed by central bankers. The
nature of exponentials is that if you extrapolate
them far enough you always get a free trade
agreement with a wrought-iron railing.

And there's doctors and there's lawyers, and
business executives, and they're all made out of
the all-encompassing dark with which most of them
are crowned. The network, by and large, starts to
behave like a hereditary, parasitic elite, and its
summits are too rounded and symmetrical to give a
sense of comfort and naturalness. So much for the
tangible facts.

What we call progress is like an axe murder that
contracted leprosy while abroad. We are physical
machinery - puppets that strut and talk and laugh
and die as the the feeling of strange uneasiness
is increased. There are reasons to believe this
coming crisis is different and bigger than
Cerberus, the hound of Hell, even though the
illusion of progress can be achieved by simply
rearranging the boundaries of the vacuous
celebrities so that new bones and skeletons are
created for the self-satisfied sheep-like
enterprise culture.

The fake prosperity contained within it the seeds
of its own destruction from its very beginning.
Over time, those seeds would turn into trouble and
sorrow and hopelessness and despair. Whether or
not Aussies could have resisted the backward
beckoning of Satan without the counter-fascination
of the media geese, I cannot tell. But no need to
waste your time on media trivia - Aussies will
soon have some huge problems that will occupy
their feeble minds in some unpleasant ways they
never expected.